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Would you like to drive more targeted traffic to your site? Our partner AUTO123.COM behavioral and retargeting solutions will help you put your advertising dollars where they count the most by reaching the right audience. We have the technology to measure the performance of each of your ads for the best audience and placements. We will help to target clientele for their particular vehicle of interest and provide detailed reports that will help to measure the effectiveness of your investments.


By using behavioral targeting technology we will be able to identify and target clients who are currently searching for vehicles over the Internet. We will be able to pinpoint clients by Brand, Model and Year they are looking to purchase. By trusting us with your budget, we will ensure that your expenditures reach only suitable visitors that will allow you to maximize your advertising dollars.


Visitors who have been on your site represent the worthiest customers throughout the 30-day span. How are you able to reach those potential buyers with your promotional messages? Retargeting innovation will empower you to distinguish and track users who have previously visited your site and show focused promotions in the days or weeks after their visit, all on a network of thousands of websites in Quebec or any other provinces in Canada. Retargeting is the best and least expensive opportunity in terms of return on investment (ROI).


Your creative ads are as critical as the users you're focusing on. AUTO123.COM has the capacity to target specific models that an Internet surfer has shown interest. We will detect user preferences based on their navigation history (behavioral targeting) and display the most pertinent vehicle or competing models.

DEALERCITY and AUTO123.COM has a team of experts that will go to work for you to get your model out to interested buyers using our knowledge of Behavioral Targeting and Retargeting solutions.


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