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The ultimate solution in personalized Web design! The DealerCity website is designed to catch the eye of internet users and let them enjoy an online experience with the use and application of cutting-edge technology. With ergonomics adapted to users and the most prestigious aesthetics, the DealerCity website is designed for distinguished dealers and merchants, as well as the most competitive networks on the market today.


If you are promised "... at least 100 % and up to 500% more requests ..." If they tell you "... we have developed a platform to instantly increase leads..." Beware! The multiplication of leads does not apply to internet websites without reason. Be aware that there are no magic recipes so that your website generates more leads. All website providers want to generate a maximum requests to their customer. The quantity and quality of generated demands vary upon several crucial factors.

Whether you choose to take a DealerCity site or one from any another provider, see the different factors to consider and make sure your future website obtains at least the conditions described below.



  • Responsive Website: a Responsive feature is a must to provide an intuitive user experience for the mobile traffic (over 70% of all users). This feature significantly increases the leads conversion rate.
  • Clean visual: you have to keep your attention focused on the message you want to pass. Do not clutter your message with multiple incentives or over-used Pop-ups, distracting your internet user. Stay sleek and clear. Follow the famous saying: Keep it simple!.
  • Visuals according to the industry standards: make sure your website uses the fonts and layouts depending on market trends. In the same way as you renovate your physical showroom, offer your internet users a virtual comfort in fashion, which will make them much more confident about the quality of your services.
  • Intuitive ergonomics: opt for intuitive ergonomics that will take your potential customers by the hand to lead them easily toward your solutions.
  • Short and sweet offer: be clear and precise in your message, if you have more than one message, integrate them clearly in well-established divisions of your website.
  • Simplified Call-to-Action buttons: leave at the discretion of the internet user to send his request as needed. You can later collect more information if required.


  • Responsive website: unlike a simple mobile version, the Responsive feature allows you to display 100% of your editorial and visual content on a mobile device. Mobile visits now being over 70%, it is paramount for you to index 100% of your content on tablets and laptops by Google.
  • Link structure: the structure of URL links of your website should be adjusted and customized according to your industry and the market you wish to reach. This work is custom made by experts SEO when they activate your website.
  • Custom content: relevant and personalized editorial content, using searched keywords in your industry, is the primary asset of your website for quality SEO.
  • Backlinks: make sure your provider is able to offer you Back Link strategies specialized to increase your Google Ranking.
  • Number of indexed pages: according to the strategy and technological structure used by your provider, your website should reach a significant number of indexed pages on search engines (eg. Google). Relevant page content indexed with quality keyword strongly increase your presence in search engines.
  • Quality keywords: according to your target market, your provider will offer indexing strategies on specific keywords according to the result expected.


  • Quality of leads: all requests are not necessarily sales opportunities (leads). If you collect emails by means of pop-up strategy presenting all types of promotion, (ex. Rebates, scratch and win, get an iPad etc … ) gathered, these emails may, under certain conditions, be used for solicitation. However, if you consider them as sales opportunities (leads), they will distort your ROI and dramatically decrease the % of your sales conversion.
  • Leads duplications: in addition to removing the emails collected for future solicitation, make sure to remove duplicates as well as spam mail when calculating your internet leads.
  • Measuring your Be Back: your provider will offer you a complete CRM platform that allows you to accurately measure your Be Back. This measure will help you avoid false results by calculating those demands as new opportunities gained via advertising investment.
  • Calculation of emails, Phones-ups and walk-in’s: do not forget that Leads (sales opportunities) are a combination of the internet requests, phone calls and walk-in. Your CRM platform will allow you to get the exact results generated by your website and your advertising investment.
  • Market trend: keep in mind that your leads will vary depending on market trends, the economic tangent, and of course, weather ;)
    Thank you for reading us, we wish you a great sales growth!


A DEALERCITY Web Expert will be happy to advise you during a strategic review of your website.
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