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Short list of our most Frequently Asked Questions

DEALER CORPORATION HOLDING B.V. announces the purchase of DEALERCITY CANADA, EVOLIO and AUTO123.COM - What is the details?

You can read the official Press Release by clicking here

Can I later switch template for my responsive website?

You can switch your template for free 2 times per year, after that if you want to switch template again you can do it with a small fee of 100$.

Can I upgrade later for additional pages or module?

Sure! You can upgrade and downgrade at anytime for any of our products and services.

When I signup do I have phone and email support free?

Yep! Exactly, when you subscribe at any products & services with Dealercity you'll have access to our premium customer support department and they will be very happy to serve you by email or by phone thru our free line 1.800.390.9929.

The call tracking numbers are they 1-800 numbers?

Yes they are! All your customers will no more pay long distance calls, they will reach you thru your free line.

How many monthly minutes are included with the call tracking numbers?

1.800 numbers have unlimited minutes, but for business only,dont abuse ;) we make a check after 500 monthly minutes per call tracking number.

Can I send you my content that I want to put on my Responsive website, so that you add them in my selected Template?

Absolutely, because you subscribed, you are asked to contact our activation department, they will be happy to take your texts , logos and images you want to save on your site. Our Integrators take care of everything to ensure that all your content is added correctly.

Do you offer marketing campaigns management?

Sure we do! Ask to one of our DEALERCITY Web Expert to receive an adapted proposal for your needs. Our Adwords Google Partner Team will be happy to optimize your ROI advertising.

Do we need training to use the DEALERCITY tools?

All the sections and modules of our Online Tools are very easy to use. Also you can call or email at anytime our customer support and they will be pleased to help you. By the way if you would like to receive an 1 hour personal training, you can request to our customer support and they will booked a time for you.

Can I cancel my subscription at anytime?

We are sure you'll never want to leave us :) But if you really need to do so, for sure you can cancel at anytime your subscription with no penalty fee.

Can I talk to a representative at Dealercity to help my choice?

Our staff will be more than happy :) to talk to you and help you when you requested. Call 1.800.390.9929 or click here to send a live request.